Measuring and managing complex chronic illness using wearable technology


Visible is building a solution for people with post-viral conditions to track and manage symptoms, avoid relapse and improve health outcomes.


After suffering from Long Covid for more than a year, Harry (Leeming) became deeply invested in researching and treating complex chronic illnesses. He and his cofounder Luke (Martin-Fuller) created Visible to bring together the world's leading experts on these conditions and use wearable data to make these 'invisible' illnesses visible.


The hallmark feature of many complex chronic conditions is that symptoms worsen after activity. Fitness trackers do not provide activity management or "pacing" guidance.


Visible has created the first activity tracking platform tailored for illness, not fitness. Utilizing wearable data, the Visible platform assists patients and clinicians in measuring and managing complex chronic illness with real-time activity guidance and innovative digital biomarkers. Users can also share their data with researchers to move the science forwards.


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