The life insurance that employees want to use


Vitaance is on a mission is to improve people’s lifestyle through physical, social and mental wellbeing, and protect them financially with insurance solutions.


Ana has led Operations & Insurance at Alan, after having been Head of Mercer Elect in Spain and Ireland, and being a Valuations Officer at Northern Trust. Christian was CEO Co-founder at Savy, Manager at Accenture and Actuary & Financial Analyst at BNP Paribas. The Vitaance team has grown to 18 people, including actuaries, software engineers and a product team.


Life insurance is broken. 90% of companies offer it because it's mandatory but it adds no value on the daily life of employees beyond its layer of financial protection. 


Vitaance is an app that incentivizes employees to take care of their mind and body, increases engagement, and protects them with life and accident insurance. With 80% of employees using it every month, it allows HR teams to get valuable insights on the wellbeing of their teams, and to have a positive impact through team competitions, rankings and donations to NGOs.


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