Co-Founder Lead Horizon

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Chris has been bridging the gap between scientific discovery and viable products for over 15 years. As Professor of Medicine, he has been developing innovative diagnostic tests and antiviral drugs, which yielded several patents. During the pandemic, he developed an innovative COVID-19 test and co-founded the highly successful Start-Up "LEAD Horizon". Currently, he is the CEO of ViroStone, an Austrian company that provides consulting services to pharmaceutical and medical companies, governmental organizations as well as Start Ups. In addition, he is addressing in several business projects challenges of our society including infection-resilient living, providing clean water to populations and mitigating shortage of critical medical products. He was educated and trained at Medical University of Vienna and Innsbruck, University Clinics Hamburg Eppendorf/Germany, University of California/San Diego, and Cayetano Heredia University/Peru.