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Johannis is a passionate business angel and founder. He studied International Management in Oxford, Paris and Berlin at ESCP-EAP, for which he successfully obtained a master’s degree. After having worked in strategy consulting for three years, Johannis went on to follow his true passion: entrepreneurship. Johannis has founded several companies, focusing on B2B solutions, software and e-commerce, including productsup, a cloud-based software provider for managing and optimizing product data with 350 people, where he acted as CEO for many years and is currently an advisory board member. As the founder and CEO of JVH Ventures, Johannis focuses on Angel and Seed stage investments in fast growing and highly scalable startups in growing markets led by dedicated entrepreneurs that are passionate about what they are doing. He invests in people that he would love to work with and who are capable of implementing the quick iterations needed to make a startup company successful.