Investment Manager
Carina Roth

We work face to face

Carina’s mission is to engage and elevate the next generation of successful entrepreneurs and investors creating exceptional impact. She co-founded WisR, an HR- and age tech startup, in 2017 to tackle the problems of an aging workforce by matching retirees again for project based work and support corporates with the loss of their critical experts. Building an age tech for over 4 years she learned how underserved taboo tech and diverse founded ventures are and formed a deep passion to include and build for all people. Besides investing in diverse teams at Calm/Storm, she enjoys sharing her own learnings as a founder and will help grow the fund’s brand. Previously, Carina was a Commodities Trader in Geneva. She holds an MBA from Webster University, is a Forbes 30 under 30 in Technology and an EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist in Social Entrepreneurship. She clears her mind best during snowboarding, playing the piano and jumping into all kinds of waters.