Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Lucanus Polagnoli

We work face to face

Lucanus is one of Europe’s emerging managers: He has been a startup operator, a CFO and a general partner of an early stage fund (Speedinvest), a combination not often found in venture capital. Investors and founders trust him, his hands-on approach and his knowledge around numbers. With Calm/Storm and currently more than 30 investments he and his team demonstrated the ability to find and pick those rare cases where entrepreneurs are able to build both outstanding products and big businesses. Lucanus has a real passion for digital solutions improving our life and has most likely hit the limit of number of Apps "installable" on a phone.

Lucanus loves helping others. He’ll assist in every aspect of building your company.

In his free time you’ll find him spending time with his wife and three children in his home-town Vienna, the most liveable city in the world, or sometimes racing sailing boats in his home turf: Lake Attersee in beautiful Salzkammergut or as he calls it: “The Sound Of Music Land”.