Founding Partner
Lucanus Polagnoli

We work face to face

Before Lucanus founded Calm/Storm in 2020, he gained experience in both: in startups (as an operator) and a investment funds (as a General Partner at Speedinvest) – an ideal combination to start a new super-early-stage venture capital fund. He demonstrated the ability to find and invest in those rare outliers: outstanding entrepreneurs who change the world for the better.

His vision is to help and assist you in every aspect of building your company. Investors and founders trust him, his hands-on approach and his knowledge around numbers.

Lucanus has a passion for digital solutions that improve our lives: the future of health, wellbeing and our planet. He has not only most likely hit the limit of the number of apps "installable" on a phone but truly believes in the democratization of everything.

In his free time, you’ll find him spending time with his wife and three children in the most liveable city in the world: Vienna (Austria). And sometimes racing sailing boats in his home turf, Lake Attersee or as he calls it, “The Sound Of Music Land”.