9am.health is building an affordable care service for chronic diseases making it easy for patients to adhere to their treatment regimen and change their lifestyle accordingly.

Giving people easy and affordable access to healthcare


Traditional US healthcare providers are failing people with chronic conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes. Millions live in areas with a shortage of providers and have to wait up to a month for a new appointment. At the same time only 46% adhere to their treatment regimen due to high costs - every second family cannot afford their deductible - or forget to refill.


9am.health is building an affordable care service for the modern age. It’s making it easy to stay healthy by providing 24/7 access to treatment through telemedicine, digital prescriptions, therapy plans, medication delivery and at home remote monitoring. The company follows a D2C approach targeting patients with Type 2 diabetes in the ages between 30-50 years.

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Frank Westermann
Anton Kittelberger

Digital Health
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