Imagine a world where consulting a qualified health professional is as easy as listening to music: instant, anytime, from anywhere, as part of a subscription.

Biloba improves and facilitates patient - doctor communication by making medical support available all day almost instantaneously.

Doctors are running at maximum capacity with no telemedicine player being able to change that so far. Most existing telehealth players have just translated health into a virtual version, by adding video. They still rely on appointments, video consultations, transactional payments and national insurances and have hardly been able to achieve any significant increase in efficiency compared to the status quo.

Biloba however, completely rethinks the interaction with doctors by introducing a new way of interactions between doctors, patients and families with a high degree of automation as well as an efficient shift schedule. Where patients feel well attended and doctors can maximize their impact through efficient outreach.

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Michael Ströck
Digital Health
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