Instant messaging app for on-demand pediatric consultations & prescriptions


Biloba is rethinking the way telemedicine is delivered by making it customer-centric, asynchronous and membership-based starting with on-demand pediatric consultations.


Benjamin Hardy is the co-founder and CEO of Paris-based Biloba, which offers instant consultation on children’s health issues. He started the company three years ago and is looking to expand the app launching in countries besides France. Benjamin believes that instead of video chat, instant messaging will help ease the pain of overwhelmed healthcare systems.


Doctors are running at maximum capacity with no telemedicine provider being able to change that. Most players aim to digitise healthcare by adding video, which results in the same bottlenecks.


Biloba completely rethinks the interaction with healthcare practitioners by introducing unlimited medical consultations as part of a paid membership. Starting with pediatricians, the company allows parents to contact doctors and nurses asynchronously via chat as well as secure prescriptions, relieving the pressure on the system while saving time and money for everyone.


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