Imagine a world where sexual dysfunction is solved as routinely as changes in your eyesight! A solution to help strengthening loving relationships and repair intimate connections for hundreds of millions of people across the world.

A sexual therapy app designed by one of the world’s foremost sex therapists.

Numerous people suffer from sexual challenges which can be overcome by therapy. High cost and low supply of therapists, however, as well as social taboos prevent many people from accessing treatment. Time solves everything but not relationships. Too many couples break up under the stress of this condition, too many families get destroyed. This leads to immense suffering in every part of the world.

A digital sex therapy app that opens up private, affordable, and accessible sex therapy. Its mission is to make therapy embarrassment-free by harnessing technology in an innovative way to change the world for the better. The digital product is based on the world’s quintessential textbook for clinicians of sexual therapy.

The team includes two Cambridge graduates, one of the world's foremost sex therapists and outstanding in-house therapists as well as world-class engineers and designers, making it incredibly well placed to solve one of today’s global well-being issues.

Team members
  • Sachin Raoul
  • Robbie Coomber
Investment manager
Lucanus Polagnoli
Digital Health
Year invested

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If people are given the opportunity to be in a relationship, why does it have to be with a human being? If they are loved and desired, their sense of self is reawakened— why would that be wrong?

Sachin Raoul
Co-Founder & CEO Blueheart

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