Blueheart is providing expert help for couples living with libido issues. A digital solution making sex therapy accessible, affordible and taboo-free.

Expert help for millions of couples living with libido issues


Millions of people suffer from sexual desire discrepancies in their relationships. Although differences in libido levels could be overcome by therapy, high costs and a shortage of specialists in sexual therapy as well as social taboos prevent most people from accessing treatment. Untreated, it seriously strains relationships leading to severe economic and social consequences.


Blueheart is a digital solution that opens up private, affordable, and accessible sex therapy for couples. Its mission is to make therapy embarrassment-free by harnessing technology in an innovative way to change millions of relationships in the world for the better. The App uses the latest and most effective techniques designed by the world’s foremost sex therapist.

Team members

Sachin Raoul
Robbie Coomber

Digital Health
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Sachin Raoul, Bachelor of Arts and Master of Philosophy. Personal experience and careful market observation prompted him to found the sex therapy platform Blueheart.

Sachin Raoul
Co-Founder & CEO Blueheart

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