Blueheart is the #1 Relationship Health app


Blueheart is providing expert help for couples living with libido issues. A digital solution making sex therapy accessible, affordable and taboo-free.


After studying at UCL & Cambridge, Sachin (Raoul) founded an agritech business in South Africa that brought farmers new data sources. Together with his Co-founder, Robbie (Coomber), a software engineer that studied Computer Science at Cambridge, he founded Blueheart based on a common desire to help people maintain beautiful connections.


People have never been more disconnected than in today's digital world. They crave intimacy and connection, but don't know how to do it.


Blueheart is a relationship health app that delivers tools and content to help anyone in the world connect with their partner to build deeper, more fun and more meaningful connections. We do this by offering specific content to specific challenges as well as daily tools that help you maintain your relationship health over the long term.


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