Imagine a world where doctors can fully focus on what they do best without worrying about administrative headache! Where patients have full access and control over their data, health, and well-being.

A digital-first, cloud-powered, fully centralized, practice management software for doctors.

Statistics show that the average practice in Germany spends 60 working days per year on purely administrative duties. This is time they could spend attending patients, taking care of their needs. Moreover, overboarding administration is one of the main reasons why fewer and fewer health-care-professionals decide to start their own practice.

Doctorly is a modern OS for doctors’ practices. It combines cutting-edge technology and intelligent user design to centralize the core work-streams of a medical practice into a single, intuitive interface. The result? Time spent on administrative work in doctors’ practices can be cut by 50 percent, which means more time to make the world healthier.

Founded by a strong and international team of serial tech entrepreneurs. Both founders worked at high-growth startups for years. Together with their team of engineers, doctors, and industry experts, they are taking on the administrative burdens of millions of doctors to let them focus on their passion and profession.

Team members
  • Samir El-Alami
  • Anna von Stackelberg
  • Nicklas Teicke
  • Dr. Archil Eristavi
Investment manager
Lucanus Polagnoli
Digital Health
Year invested

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The reality is that "data" has always been necessary for most industries to exist and provide better services to us, whether it is insurance, healthcare, or entertainment. Data drives everything.

Samir El-Alami
Co-Founder & CEO doctorly

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