is creating the future of landlording by moving it online and making it easy for landlords to find qualified tenants, rent out and manage their properties.

The super-app for landlords: run your rental property business online


For people aiming to build a stable source of income by buying flats to let, landlording often turns out to be a time-consuming and effort-intensive process. Finding an affordable apartment feels nearly impossible in more and more European cities. And what sounds like a great savings plan for the future turns out to be extremely cumbersome and leads to weak returns.


Facilitating the search of tenants including painless bookings is only one part of the solution. Managing rent collections, decreasing void periods, guaranteeing payment on time, and better protection against property damages makes Kiko the one stop shop for property owners. With Kiko "buy to let" investments become a much more reliable source of long-term savings.

Team members

     Valentin Scholz

     Tony Popov

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Valentin Scholz, former Head of Growth at Revolut, wants to democratize the housing market with his startup Kiko.

Valentin Scholz
Founder & CEO Kiko

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