LVNDR is providing safe and inclusive sexual healthcare by building a vertically integrated platform for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Universal sexual healthcare for LGBTQ+ community


Sexual health is an area of healthcare that remains frequently overlooked and often underfunded. The consequences of this particularly affect the LGBTQ+ community and affect an estimated 42M individuals in Europe. Queer patients face significant challenges in receiving affirmative and respectful care as deep-rooted homophobia and transphobia still exist within healthcare systems.


LVNDR is offering a holistic approach to sexual healthcare by focusing on the entire patient journey. Through the platform, users benefit from a more personal and adaptive approach to sexual health. By integrating into, and modernising existing healthcare services, LVNDR aims to facilitate greater access to virtual clinical care, effectively simplifying the process for both the clinician and patient.

Team members

Christopher El Badaoui
Araxie Boyadjian

Digital Health
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