Search platform for the healthcare industry to facilitate best care

MISSION empowers healthcare providers and patients with AI-driven solutions that improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and enhance the overall patient experience.

TEAM was co-founded by Keith, who studied medicine and Bioscience Enterprise at the University at Cambridge. After having worked as a MD, he gained experience in  healthcare strategy and consulting. His co-founder Luis studied computer science and worked at Facebook's AI Lab. Together they aim to improve healthcare by integrating the potential of AI/ML.


Healthcare professionals cannot find the information they need to provide best care since current search engines do not provide sufficient results. This causes high costs.

SOLUTION is an AI-powered search engine for healthcare professionals that is customizable to individual needs and use cases. It provides instant answers to evidence-based clinical questions and returns compact and relevant results. The information is aggregated from national guidelines, medical societies and local guides, and accessible through one platform.


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