Probably Genetic

Imagine a world where all patients who suffer from rare genetic diseases are safely and swiftly diagnosed! Where endless endeavours to find answers to a rare condition are no longer needed.

Probably Genetic (YC W19) is a direct-to consumer DNA test to diagnose rare genetic diseases.

200+ million people worldwide are suffering from rare genetic conditions. As rare as these diseases are, doctors are often unable to recognize them and often misinterpret similar symptoms. While looking for the right answers, patients continue to suffer, especially since diagnosis for these rare conditions can take up to 7 years.

Probably Genetic combines cutting edge genetic sciences to offer accurate, fast, affordable DNA testing to families in need, and reduce testing waiting times to 7 weeks.

The team combines extensive knowledge and experience in the genetic and tech industries. Lukas Lange holds a PhD in Genetics from the University of Oxford, which gives him an almost natural advantage in the race to change genetic testing. His co-founder Harley Katz has more than 5 years of tech experience in medical AI and a PhD from the University of Cambridge, which makes him the right person to work on the tech side of this endeavour.

Team members
  • Lukas Lange
  • Harley Katz
Investment manager
Michael Ströck
Digital Health
Year invested

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