Probably Genetic

A direct-to-consumer DNA test to help identify super-rare disease patients


Probably Genetic’s builds highly specific and efficient patient recruiting pipelines for biotech companies by identifying patients with super-rare diseases.


Lukas Lange is an expert in genomics and the CEO of Probably Genetic, which he founded in 2019. Lukas holds a PhD from the University of Oxford, while Harley specializes in big data and machine learning, holding a PhD from the University of Cambridge.


Biotech firms face complexity in treating rare genetic conditions as patient identification is difficult; only 5% of such diseases have FDA-approved medication.


Probably Genetic combines genetic science and a sophisticated toolkit of NLP-assisted online marketing methods to find and assess potential rare disease patients. Clinical-grade, fast and affordable DNA tests help identify the right patients, who can then be referred to clinical studies. This benefits individuals as well the biotech companies conducting research.


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