A unique community of entrepreneurs.


Calm/Storm Ventures is an exclusive founder community where experienced founders support the new kids on the block finding calm during the super-early-stage storms.


We are providing a "Safe House" where you can leave the pitching stage behind. A place to share, listen & learn. A place where you are appreciated being a founder.

LEarning & Growing

We are a community that believes in lifelong learning and personal growth as the secret sauce to success.

Supporting Partners

Never underestimate the power of community!
Meet Calm/Storm's Supporting Partners.

Founder Academy

Sharing experiences

The Founder Academy is a place where founders talk. Experienced entrepreneurs as well as new founders. They are sharing their valuable experiences. Later stage investors are revealing secrets in fundraising, health coaches are talking about mental fitness and Social Media Superstars about personal branding strategies and much more.

Supporting each other

The Founder Academy is a place where founders openly talk about failures, share what could have been done differently and what learnings were most valuable. It is a safe place of truth and honesty where founders can stay in no-pitching mode. A place to reflect, refresh, re-focus and resolve. Together with our supporting partners we help founders calm the storm.

Becoming friends

We believe entrepreneurship is a continuous storm. Early stage startup success is walking from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Calm/Storm's goal is to support founders to adapt and respond faster to the consistently challenging landscape around them, to grow personally and professionally. Being a founder is often a lonely job. Your investor could also become your friend. Because when we invest in founders, we invest as much in their visions as in their personalities.


A diverse group of venture backed founders. Founders supporting each other with one common objective:
sailing not drowning