Friday Finance

Friday Finance is the next-generation financial operations platform for startups and SMEs that puts all bank accounts and financial data into one place and helps them streamline and automate mundane tasks.

Multi-banking and cashflow management for businesses


Corporate banking is 2.5x larger than consumer banking yet lags behind in innovation, usability and functionality. Most banking platforms were designed 20 years ago. Nearly half of all corporations have more than 15 bank accounts. Most corporate bank accounts lack features of modern software architecture leaving finance departments spending too much time with manual work.


This startup is the next-generation banking platform for startups and SMBs that puts all bank accounts into one place. By offering bank account aggregation, cash flow management, multi-user permissions and single sign-on, the startup is aiming to become the leading B2B payments provider for small and growing businesses. An all-in-one solution that is leveraging PSD2 and Open Banking.

Team members

     Christopher Zemina

     Patrick de Castro Neuhaus

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