Keleya’s app accompanies women on their pregnancy journey, providing information, preparation, and expert advice. One place for women, midwives, doctors & insurers.

Pregnancy app and SaaS enabled marketplace for midwifery services


Pregnant women struggle with a wide range of challenges during and after pregnancy. Finding a suitable midwife to prepare for birth is only one of the many. Millions of women need midwifery services but find the search tedious & frustrating, often even stop looking at all. Women are left alone with their fear, physical changes & questions around the baby’s development.


Keleya is striving to digitize an entire ecosystem around maternity. It provides modern tools for midwives and personalized services for women reimbursed by their insurances. As a SaaS enabled marketplace Keleya has finally digitized one of the oldest professions in the world and serves all stakeholders as an information and recommendation hub way beyond pregnancy.

Team members

Victoria Engelhardt
Sarah Müggenburg

Series A
Digital Health
Year invested

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Victoria Engelhardt founded Keleya together with Sarah Müggenburg in 2017

Victoria Engelhardt
Co-Founder & CEO Keleya

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