Imagine a world where women can focus on their pregnancy and easily find the best care! Where midwives, gynecologists, birth centers, and insurance companies are available with just a click of a button.

The most downloaded app for pregnancy in Germany and its recently launched extension "Ammely," a marketplace for midwifery services.

Pregnant women struggle with a wide range of questions during and after their pregnancy. In the German-speaking world alone, nearly one million women could need a midwife every year but find the search very tedious and frustrating, and eventually stop looking for midwifery services at all.

With Keleya and Ammely, an entire ecosystem around pregnancy and midwifery has been built to strive to be the optimal digital consultant. It provides personalized services for women and a modern tool for midwifes, finally digitizing one of the oldest professions in the world.

"Become a mother, stay a woman" is the creed of the co-founders Victoria Engelhardt and Sarah Müggenburg. Victoria earned experiences at Rocket Internet and BCG before entering the startup world, driven by the desire to start her own project. Sarah is a trained yoga teacher and has been teaching pre- and post-natal yoga courses for years. Together they created Keleya and Ammely, changing the experience of pregnancy to the better.

Team members
  • Victoria Engelhardt
  • Sarah Müggenburg
Investment manager
Lucanus Polagnoli
Digital Health
Year invested

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I’m not a fan of doing something simply because it’s technically possible.

Victoria Engelhardt
Co-Founder & CEO Keleya

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