Leda is providing a rape kit and a holistic solution for sexual assault survivors, allowing them to take care of themselves when professional care is not accessible.

Transforming sexual assault prevention, care, and justice


More than a quarter of US college students experience sexual assault but less than 30% of sexual assaults get reported. Even if survivors decide to report the assault, there’s a big chance that rape kits used will not be allowed as evidence. The COVID19 pandemic made the situation significantly worse, as most qualified nurses have been pulled away to fight the virus.


Leda Health starts with a kit, but ends with a holistic solution to a silent pandemic that is sexual assault. It consists of the only at-home sexual assault evidence collection kit alongside Ethereum technology in terms of tracking and chain-of-custody. Usage of the kit takes only 15 minutes and the average holistic testing time is reduced from 2 years to 30 days.

Team members

Madison Campbell
Liesel Vaidya

Digital Health
Year invested

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Madison Campbell is the CEO and co-founder of Leda Health. She founded the company in 2019 with Liesel Vaidya

Madison Campbell
Co-Founder & CEO Leda Health

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