Leda Health

Trauma informed resources built by survivors, for survivors


Leda is providing a rape kit and a holistic solution for sexual assault survivors, allowing them to take care of themselves when professional care is not accessible.


After discovering that at-home DNA test kits followed the same process used in hospital sexual-assault exams and figuring out the current backlog the healthcare system struggles with, Madison decided to leave the technology startup she was a CEO of and co-founded with Liesel (current CTO) a company devoted to change the landscape of sexual assault prevention and care.


Every 68 seconds another American is sexually assaulted. Only 31% of these survivors report to the police and have to face the backlog of over 100,000 untested rape kits.


Leda developed an Early Evidence Kit for self-collection after sexual assault built with immutable timestamps, scanning and tracking of barcodes, secure video recording, a 24/7 Team of SANES, and text and voice documentation of the incident. With additional optional services available like STI Testing, emergency contraceptives, and educational workshops.

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