LEVY Health is building the first online fertility clinic, covering diagnostics and therapy based on a proprietary clinical decision support system to close the fertility care gap.

Virtual clinic for infertility care


One in six couples struggle to conceive. In Europe, that translates into 25 million individuals. Many gynecologists are not trained in infertility diagnostics, which results in misdiagnosis or a long time to diagnosis - 75% of couples recognize infertility late in their journey, which impacts the quality of life and leads to expensive follow-up care at lower success rates.


LEVY has built a clinical decision support system for infertility diagnosis based on a patient's medical history and blood tests. After being diagnosed, patients are then funnelled into personalized care pathways. Certain therapy options are delivered by LEVY itself, while others are provided by partners enabling LEVY to offer the full range of available treatments.

Team members

Caroline Mitterdorfer
Silvia Hecher
Dr. med. Theresa Vilsmaier

Digital Health
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