Clinical decision support software for endocrine disorders


LEVY Health is building the first online fertility clinic, covering diagnostics and therapy based on a proprietary clinical decision support system to close the fertility care gap.


Caroline, Silvia, and Theresa met in 2020. Caroline had just launched Germany's first fertility loan, while Theresa and Silvia were working at fertility clinics. They all noticed that late diagnosis presented a major problem to couples trying to conceive. After several months of research, they started working on a software that would accelerate diagnostics. 


Most women suffer from an endocrine disorder, like PCOS or hypothyroidism, at least once in their lives. Since symptoms are very heterogeneous, time to diagnosis takes many years and delays treatment.


With LEVY Health's SaaS solution, time to diagnosis is reduced to an average of 8 weeks. The software is built on the basis of European and American clinical guidelines and is accessible to both physicians and patients. Having started with infertility - an area where times plays an especially crucial role -  the software is currently available in Germany and the USA.


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