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Lindus Health is building the world’s leading full stack clinical trial platform, to conduct faster and safer clinical trials to improve health outcomes for everyone.

Full stack clinical trials platform


Clinical trials are the core of healthcare research. They’re needed to assess the safety and efficacy of new treatments. They’re also getting increasingly expensive over time, making new medicines cost more and limiting the number of new treatments available. On average it costs nearly $4 billion to develop a new medicine but this can sometimes exceed $10 billion.


Lindus Health is building a one stop shop for innovative healthcare companies, handling all aspects of trial design, recruitment and delivery. This would replace either dealing with a mix of academic labs or designing a trial in-house and relying on a slow, expensive CRO to deliver. The company accepts equity as a form of payment to align it’s interests with those of its customers.

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Meri Beckwith
Michael Young

Digital Health
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