Operating System for behavior change powered by health & wellness coaches


YourCoach Health is a virtual home for all things health and wellness coaching, championing the health coaching revolution across the globe.


Marina is a serial entrepreneur, cancer survivor, passionate health coach and transformative tech CEO who's made it her mission to kickstart the Health Coaching Revolution and is joined by Eugene, a serial entrepreneur & venture builder who previously headed Bayer’s Digital Health unit, had two successful startup exits and was CIO International at Medco Health


Demand for clinical services outpaces supply. Digital technologies bring access to the masses but lack the accountability & adherence that only another human can provide


YourCoach activates a novel workforce in health & care - Health & Wellness Coaches. Via our  HIPAA-compliant platform, we identify, credential, operate and scale an elastic supply of health coaches with nearly zero CAC and over 3,000 coaches on the platform, embedding this service into upstream B2B clients using our tech (APIs/Widgets). 


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