Imagine a world where you get sufficient medical attention to reach your health related goals! Where no one ever feels alone with their health challenges and gets the attention and empathy they need.

YourCoach helps you to find the perfect coach for your health goals and enables coaches to holistically lead their clients.

While being treated by the best doctors, patients often feel alone in their medical journey as scarce medical resources don’t allow for empathic coaching. Certified health coaches can close this gap by acting as a person of trust for the patient, whom they help to identify and achieve health-related goals. More and more Digital Health Service Companies as well as corporates need Health Coaches for their users/employees. Most health coaches, however, are independent and hard to find.

YourCoach is building a digital marketplace to help finding the right coaches that can provide their services in a simple way. This powerful tool enables easy access to the right consultants and health coaches, on the other hand, can expand their customer base quickly and efficiently.

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Marina Borukhovich
Co-Founder & CEO Your Coach

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