Innovative behavioral & developmental screening platform for earlier identification


This startup is building a community where parents never feel left alone with their questions, are connected to relevant peers and experts and can instantly discuss their concerns.


Lea, Alexandra and Omir are serial entrepreneurs, having founded Dynamic Yield and IvyMark and having successfully exited them. Coming together to found Clay, each brings with them expertise on how to take a meaningful vision and build it into a big business.


One in four children through the age of five is at risk for a developmental delay or a behavioral issue and yet issues go unidentified until years later. This delay has lifelong consequences for the child because intervention is more effective when it is provided earlier in life rather than later.


Clay integrates with early education centers to meet children where they are and provide continuous behavioral and developmental screening and tracking, personalized information to families based on results, and helping parents navigate the care landscape when an issue is flagged.


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