Parenting Network

This startup is building a community where parents never feel left alone with their questions, are connected to relevant peers and experts and can instantly discuss their concerns.

A contextual social and expert network for parents


When raising children, parents face new questions and uncertainty in a vast range of topics. When there is no or only limited access to experts or coaches, parents seek help from books, personal networks, Google or Facebook Groups. Parenting knowledge is distributed asymmetrically, unstructured, uncurated, or inaccessible - making the life of parents hard as a result.


This startup is building a community-curated knowledge network for parents. Q&A based, users are connected either to peers or to experts for their specific questions. Additionally users will get access to crowdsourced insights and a curated content library. Parents and their questions will be segmented into granular categories to allow for a hyper-personalized experience.

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